About this page

This web site is designed to help you and other church members to find ministries where you can serve.

If you have questions about how the web site works, you'll probably find the answers below.

How do I use this web site?
Simply click or touch the Back link above and answer the Survey. It will take you about ten or fifteen minutes.

When you've finished the Survey, one of the church's Connection Team members will get in touch with you, take you through the results of your Survey, and help you to choose a volunteer ministry position.

What do the results look like?
If you'd like to see a sample set of results, you can click or touch the Back button at the top of this page and then choose to see a sample Full report.

Briefly, we use the results of your Survey to match you with a database of volunteer positions in your church.

Where does the database of ministry positions come from?
It has been created by the ministers in your church, working with consultants who are familiar with IOLAS. Typically, those IOLAS consultants have at least twenty years of experience in creating databases of this kind. Your ministers are familiar, of course, with the various ministry opportunities available in your church community.

Your church's list of ministries is unique. No other church in the world will have the ministry opportunities that your church offers.

Should I only serve in ministries which the Survey says that I match?
No, you are not limited to ministries which you match. You may choose any ministry to which you feel your faith is calling you. The website will offer you information about all the ministries in your church, not just the ones you match.

What does the Survey actually measure?
It measures two things: your interests, and your values. Your interests can tell you whether you are likely to be interested in a particular ministry. Your values can tell you whether you are likely to relate well to other people who have chosen the same ministry as you.

We use your interests and values only as a guide to ministries that you will find fulfilling. Remember, you are free to choose any ministry you wish, if you feel called to volunteer there.